Triponya Travel Management

"Providing travel management services using artificial intelligent on social media and in messaging."

Triponya team wants to bring all travel services to one innovative platform to make it swift and snappy to design the trip.

Compare rates and make a booking -as easy as messaging friend or family - from any device, with no app, extra fees nor registration,

Nordic Business Park team made it possible through FB Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp business, Google business chat, Apple business chat, text messaging, and live chat on website,

All this is connected to a hyper system combining chatbots and live agents with the most advanced technology.

Travelers can make arrangements for hotels, flight tickets, rental cars, taxis, trains, travel experiences, travel insurance, compensation claims, or book a free travel agent.

For more dedicated service, travelers with the Triponya guest program can send a message with their order and travel agents will compare the rates and book the best.