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Building e-store from scratch or implement it to an existing website 


We build customized e-store according to our client needs :


  • Your store designed and live within five working days.
  • Your App designed and live within 25 days
  •  Currency convert.
  • Employee accounts connected. 
  • Order live tracking.
  • Online payment integration.


Chat integration: 


  • Building and connecting chatbot.
  • Online store Chat connecting.
  • CRM system to control conversation from all channels. 
  • Crush course for three employees.
  • 24/7 support.


Why you should sell your products online?


For people to buy your items, they have to be able to access them. When you only sell them in one location (or even if you have a chain of specific areas), you’re limited to selling products to the people who are willing and able to come to you. That means there’s a huge market you miss out on


1. People spend money online.

In 2018, people spent over $560 billion, making purchases online, and that number has been growing over the last few years. Any business owner that stays offline is missing out on their piece of those profits. 


While some shoppers certainly still make a routine out of heading to their local shopping district or mall, many now skip the trip and do a lot of their buying while sitting at home.

If your competitors make their items available to them there and you don’t, you’ll lose that business.


2. Online shopping provides convenience.

When you’re tired, busy, sick, or just feeling a little lazy – you probably don’t want to spend time driving somewhere and browsing a store for the items you want to buy. People have a lot going on, and sometimes there just, isn’t room in their lives for a trip to the store.

By comparison, browsing an eCommerce site online and making selections is more comfortable, faster, and requires a lot less energy. People are more likely to spend their money when it doesn’t feel like work to do so.

Online shopping isn’t 100% effortless – but it’s pretty close. When you sell your products through an online store, you remove a lot of the barriers to buying that exist with a physical store.


3. An online presence gets your products found in search.

85% of people turn to google for product discovery and shopping. Without an eCommerce website, your products have no chance of showing up when potential customers start looking for what you sell online.

But when every product you sell is listed on a page on your eCommerce site, all of them will be indexed by Google. That’s the first step to your products showing up in search results.

If you want those product pages to show up on the first page of Google, that requires an investment in SEO, but before you can even start thinking about that, you need an eCommerce website for your products.


4. The growth in mobile means people can buy from anywhere.

Mobile shopping trends show that almost a third of all shopping people now do online is on mobile devices. 

Mobile shopping makes it possible for people to make purchases at the exact moment they decide they want something. Whether they’re at a dinner party, strolling through the park, or lounging on the beach – if they think of something they want, they can make the purchase right then.

That creates more opportunities for sales. You don’t face the risk of a potential customer deciding they want an item you sell, only to forget about it by the time they get home to their computer. That’s good for your customers, and it’s good for your bottom line


At NBP we help you build or integrate online shop to your Website,

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